Jack Naneek discusses Picasso and the Apostle Paul to explore what it means to be a perfect being of light, yet so imperfect at the same time.  In the process, we begin to see life as the means to show us who and what we are, rather than a mere test.  Ultimately, all of life leads us towards fulfilling the measure of our creation!


Guest host Jack Naneek discusses identifying with things that have nothing to do with us. Stories of Heber J. Grant, and the Word of Wisdom and Facebook threads show we are way more than our pitiful egos say we are. In the end, you’ll feel better about yourself, even if all you've changed is your mindset!


Jack Naneek explores experience though the Buddhist parable about Kisa, and her visit to the Buddha after her son dies.  Jack also introduces and compares the teachings of Ekhart Tolle to Wilford Andersen's April 2015 Conference talk entitled The Music and the Dance.